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Interesting Audio and Video Clips

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Hopper explains the his minions the reality of their situation,
It also shows clearly the mechanisms of how the few in our world control 6 billion of us.

Also take note of how Stockholm Syndrom is induced!

The Pentagon Strike Flash Video - What Everyone is talking about now.
- It takes a minute to load... 3 Megs

Pentagon Crash? What Really Happened Here?

Freedom Files Website Videos:

The Other Side - September 11th and War on Terrorism - ( 5 Megs - Dial up )
The Other Side - September 11th and War on Terrorism - ( 15 Megs - Wide Band - Slow Download )

The Other Side Part II - ( Dial-up 9 Megs )
The Other Side Part II - ( Wideband 32 Megs - Slow Download)

John Kerry Presidential Candidate:
John Kerry winner of the Iowa Caucus Admits to being a Skull and Bones Member
60 Minutes June 13 2004 talk about Skull and Bones - Lots of Lies and Propaganda, interesting though

George W. Bush and Friends:

If this were a dictatorship, things would be a heck of a lot easier... George W. Bush

Bush admits seeing the first plane hit the World Trade Center

The Bushes and the bin Ladens Business Dealings, BBC video with Greg Palast, 27 Oct

The Rigging of the 2000 US Presidential Elections

Francis Boyle - Call for Impeachment

Bush reaction when hearing about accusations of preknowledge in the 9/11 attacks

Carlyle Group: Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas democracy

    -> First seven minutes are Dutch language

Canadian PM Paul Martin:
Paul Martin asked, "Is Canada now a Police State?" - Watch him Jump nearly out of his chair!

911 / Intelligence Agencies:

Mike Springman, US Embassy Jeddah: I Issued Visa's to Terrorists recruited by the CIA

FBI Special Agent Robert Wright claiming FBI hindered terrorism investigations (CSPAN / Judicial Watch)

Mike Ruppert:

Truth and Lies of 911 (1)
Truth and Lies of 911 (2)
Truth and Lies of 911 (3)

Guerilla News Network:

Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 (1)
Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 (2)
Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 (3)
Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 (4)

Alex Jones:

Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones - Freedom Files Server
Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones

Alex Jones on CSPAN in New York During the Republican Convention and Bush Protest

Police State 2 - Problem Reaction Solution

Download Site for more Alex Jones Videos

More Online Videos of Alex Jones

Interview with Jeremy Glick - Alex Jones Show

Jeremy Glick being Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on Fox

David Icke:

David Icke's Lecture on the Illuminati - Excellent!

David Icke: Truth Vibrations - An Amazing Inteview by Larry McKone

A Banned Radio Broadcast on the CHUM Network of David Icke - War on Terrorism

2002/02/1 David Icke: A Discussion with Jeff Rense - 3 hours

2003/01/4 David Icke on 911 (Right-click to download)

Bin Laden - War Plans

Bohemian Grove:

Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove


Cloak and Dagger Show: Viruses ( Non Lethal Warfare ) - Bohemian Grove

John Pilger's Documentries

Watch the Piliger's Documentry 'Breaking the Silence' - 37 Megs - Excellent Info

Michael Moore

Michael Moore's Speech at the Academy Awards - it takes a minute or so to load - Quick Time

Interview with Michael Moore after his academy awards speech

Michel Chossudovsky

Disarming the New World Order, 19 Dec, 2003

Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter discussing ISG Report on Iraq's WMD

Scott Ritter - Iraq has been Disarmed

Miscelaneous on September 11th and the War on Terrorism:

Freedomfiles Videos about 9/11, War on Terrorism and Related Issues

CBC The Fifth Estate - Canadian Documentary on Conspiracies and 9/11

Mary Schiavo (Former US Ass. DA) : Challenging the Official Story - What did they know about 9/11 ?

John McMurthry, Value Wars - Decoding 9/11

Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and US Security

Susan Sarandon - Take Democracy Back

Council on Foreign Relations - Emergency Proceedures in Terror Attacks

Lone Gunmen Video Clip - World Trade Center (aired Spring 2001)


United States attempts to topple Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Audio: Princess Diana's car 'accident' was a premeditated murder by order of the Royal Family. 

Prince Charles the Anti-Christ?

War on The Weak - Eugenics, Concentration Camps and Steralization to create the Master Race in the USA

The Assassination Of Russia

Planet X and Ancient Sumuria - Relates to David Icke's Work

Dr. Rokke's Press Conference Nothing Depleted About Depleted Uranium MP3 File

An Interview with Michael Mott - Stunning Information

Video's about the US Government and it's criminal past

Former US Security General Ramsey Clark Speaks out about the U.S. Government

CIA-US Gov & Secret Genocide

Panama - What Really Happened - 2

School of Americas

Brian Wilson-Vietnam Vet Protests the Evil US Government

Secret Goverment - Bill Moyers - 1
Secret Goverment - Bill Moyers - 2

Oil and our Future

1973: US Prepared to Invade the Middle East to get it's Fuel

Dr. Colin Campbell - Peak Oil

The End of the Age of Oil

Transcript of Lecture

CBC Report on Canada's Oil and Gas Industry (Easy Oil is Gone!) - Audio

Why we do not need Oil - Dr. Steven Greer

Oil as a Weapon - Interview with the President of OPEC on Iraq's Oil


Between Iraq and a Hard Place 1/4
Between Iraq and a Hard Place 2/4
Between Iraq and a Hard Place 3/4
Between Iraq and a Hard Place 4/4

Saddams Weapons: Hans Blix doubts WMD will ever be found in Iraq

Rumsfeld Fired by Protesters over the Iraq War

Ramsey Clark - Regime Change begins at Home

America's Defense Monitor - The Making of a Dictator, the arming of Saddam by Bush & Co

Canada Says no to War on Iraq - It takes a minute or so to load - Quick Time

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE - Documentry or Fiction? ( Article )

Dan Rather Speaks Out - Video

Dan Rather Speaks out about Censorship on the War on Terrorism

Interview with Scott Ritter - Former Weapons Inspector in Iraq

Tony Benn - Talking about the Pending Iraq War

Madeleine Albright on 60 minutes regarding the dead of 500.000 Iraqi children - Is the Price Worth it?

Ken O'Keefe - Interview with a Human Shield

Who set the Kuwaiti oil fields on Fire?

Transcript information

Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in the eighties - Good Friends!

ABC News Nightline: Spoils of War


Documentry about AIDS - HIV does not cause AIDS and discusses how AIDS is actually created.

AZT - Prescribed to HIV Patients is highly toxic and causes AIDS

Depopulation Program using AIDS

The Man-Made Origin of AIDS

Non Toxic simple Treatment for AIDS

Peace Rallies

Silly Police Action in at the end of an Amsterdam Peace Rally 1 March 2003
Silly Police Action in at the end of an Amsterdam Peace Rally 2, March 2003

Some Pics from the above Peace Rally March 2003

System of a Down - Boom


Who Killed Martin Luther King?

UFO Stuff

Star Wars Defence Shoots at a UFO in Orbit!

Afghan War - War on Terrorism?

Plans in the works to attack Afghanistan prior to September 11th

An AC130 Gunship wiping out a small village in Afghanistan

You need to understand something here. There is no ability by the operators of the C130 Gunship to identify between soilders and civilians they killed everyone. This is a war crime, not to mention the whole war was staged on the pretext that the Osama had something to do with plane slamming into the WTC and Pentagon. Take note that not one shred of evidence has come forward to support this claim.

Other Video Archives:

Cloak and Dagger Archives - Excellent Resources

Video - the DOSSIER

Videos you can order Online:

Unanswered Questions - The Aftermath

Hidden Wars or Desert Storm

Fun Stuff

We Fuck The World - George Bush Parody
You may need this Codec for the George Bush Parody

What George Really meant to say during the State of the Union Address

Bush - Blair Love affair

Star Ship Enron

This Hour has 22 Minutes: An Apology to America

Flash Presentation - Bin Laden and the Taliban

Good Protest Song - World Class Consumer

Full Service Pentagon - Iraq ( Flash Presentation )


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