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Match Game

Here is a little fun applet to improve the learning curve. This timed version of the "Match Game" allows you to change the images and the sounds to match your site.

How To Use:

  • Download (117 KB)
  • Unzip with a compression utility.

    Java Source: Unavailable

    Sample HTML Source:

    <applet code="Match.class" height=400 

    Configuration: If you would like to use you own images or sounds just replace the 1 -> 20.img file with a 50 * 50 pixel image of your choice.You can also replace the sounds, but you must leave the wav filenames the same or no sound will be played for the changed name. If you don't like any of the sounds, just delete or rename that wave file and it will be ignored.

    Status: Free

    Author: Charles Wilson

    Upload Date:
    June 10, 2003

    How to Add Java Applets to Your Site

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    JavaServer Faces (JSF) attempts to standardize the way we develop Java Web applications and provides a set of rich ready-to-use UI components. In this article, Mike Houghton will discuss the JSF technology, what's right, what's wrong and why it's necessary.

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    Utility Based Development Approach; Applying Forward Thinking to Your Programming
    Programming languages have evolved from machine language to today's high level languages such as Java, C++ etc. With the evolution of these languages, our outlook towards solving a problem has also evolved. This month Samudra clears up the mystery behind the "Utility Based Development Approach" of development and how can help you to be a better programmer.

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    Using this tool, you design your data structure with its easy to use GUI. Hit the generate button and all your classes and fields are automatically converted into Java source code, along with compiled JAR file.

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    Are there too many frameworks for Java?:
    Affiliate Program and Referral Directory.
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    DoJ Won't Appeal Oracle's Takeover Plans
    Another obstacle in the way of Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft is removed.

    Dell OptiPlex SX280 Review
    It looks like an Xbox, but it's a full-powered business PC: Dell's newest managed desktop rides piggyback on its LCD monitor stand to take virtually no desk space while delivering Pentium 4 530 (3.0GHz) power, Serial ATA storage, and more configuration flexibility than you'd expect. If you've got to grind through Word and Excel all day, why not do it with small-form-factor style?

    Enterprise Unix Roundup -- A Tale of Four Weblogs
    Weblogs may have moved from the techie desktop to the corner office, but sometimes being at the center of the action provides the true insight. The latest Red Hat vs. Sun blogmatch is a prime example. Get the ease of a GUI and the functionality of MySQL with MySQL Administrator.

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