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Clips from previous FESTIVALS OF THE AGES

All of the clips below are taken form full length videos of speakers at the Festival of The Ages. Please note that our videos were professionally filmed and are of the very-best quality.    You can order video and audio tapes of these and other speakers from us, by going to our online product catalogue.

Cathy O’Brienformer Presidential Model, Mind Controlled sex slave, exposes all!  former Presidential Model, Mind Controlled sex slave, exposes all!  

Mark Phillips ~ former CIA operative & rescuer of Cathy O’Brien.

Ted Gunderson ~ former FBI veteran speaks on Satanism & The CIA - Int’l trafficking in children.
Don Blaikie of North Doorway Homestead Outfitters ~ presentations on self-reliant living & alternative energy.

Bruce Stellar ~ ~ teaching the David-Wynn: Miller technique of writing & speaking in the truth.

Larry Sontag ~ on privacy issues (watch out for big bro), author of “ It’s None of Your Business”.

Kari Simpson ~ ~ helping abused families get their children back from Social Services.

Lou Corona ~ ~ sharing 25 yrs of extensive knowledge of enzyme and other successful holistic therapies.

Edda West ~ ~ of VRAN will be speaking about the harmful effects of vaccines.

Dennis & Diane Jennings ~ ~ will impart a very powerful, practical tool for managing relationships!

Echan Deravy ~ Will shine some light on The Sovereign Individual.

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Viewing the above clips  is very simple. On the hardware side, you need a computer and an internet connection (which we assume you have since you are reading this), speakers and a soundcard. You also need some software called the RealPlayer. It comes in a free version which can be downloaded from the Real Networks Page.

Please note that these clips might not be accessible with older versions of Internet Explore or Netscape


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