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Serving the internet since 1993

Nisto is host to a variety of completely unrelated projects. From computer software development, to Cree language resources. Environmental and social justice activism to internet standards work.

At least we're not consistant!

Services hosted on nisto:

Activism Culture Business

Activist Network

- Alberta Coalition Against Poverty

nehinawe: Cree Language


Revolutionary Knitting Circle

G8 Activism


Software Products

The Independent Reporter

The Other Press

Project Sudan

Disability Action Hall


Women in Christian Tradition

content for and related to the Carleton University course.

Mailing Lists

Public e-mail discussion and announcement lists.

Past Projects

Calgary FTAA Committee

Counter Petrol

at the World Petroleum Congress June 2000

Widening Peoples' Choices

Conference June 2000

Internet Standards

Internet Standards

Primarily focused around e-mail (especially e-mail lists).
List Header Specification Standards Work (RFC 2369)

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About Nisto

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Grant Neufeld -

Server reindeer (in absentia):

Chris Moose

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