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Provides relief for sore muscles, sprains, strains, and other injuries.


Heart Rate Variabilty Study


NetterOnFOXsmall"The Gear Guru", Patrick Netter, syndicated on national TV, “The Daily Buzz” who is seen in 121 markets by more than 50 million viewers a year, takes a deep, investigative look at LifeWave and sits down, for a one-on-one with LifeWave inventor, David Schmidt, President of LifeWave, Mike Collins, who was VP at a billion dollar company, PepsiCo, LifeWave’s head medical researcher, Dr. Haltiwanger, 8 time NCAA Champion and Olympic Coach Champion, Richard Quick, and more. This DVD presentation is a compilation of what caused Patrick Netter to say; I have seen hot trends and I have seen hot products, but I personally felt what this technology can do.
Software For The Human Body?? …....This Is Huge!”

Check Out This 8 Minute Overview.

Note the patches.....


Winning the women's race at the Marugame half-marathon on Sunday, breaking the mark held by Athens Olympic marathon gold medalist Mizuki Noguchi.

Fukushi crossed the finish line at Marugame municipal stadium in Kagawa Prefecture in 1 hour, 7 minutes and 26 seconds. Noguchi came second in 1:07.43 in her first competitive race since winning the Berlin Marathon in a national record last September.

Fukushi, who represented Japan in long-distance races at last year's world championships, shaved 57 seconds off the previous record set by Noguchi in October 2001.

The Japan Times: Feb. 6, 2006




Patches being used more and more in the NFL

Brendon Ayanbadejo (top) Obafemi Ayanbadejo (bottom picture).

My name is Obafemi Ayanbadejo and my brother and I both play football in the NFL. I'm a fullback for the Arizona Cardinals and this is my 9th year in the NFL. I was on the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in 2000. My brother, Brendon, is a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, and is in his third year in the NFL.

My former coach, Greg Smith, gave us the patches before spring training and we have been wearing them ever since. I work out extremely hard and really know and understand my physical abilities and I noticed an increase in my endurance and ran the best splits I have ever run. I also noticed an increase in overall cardio and basically, the patches just allow me to run more and run longer.

Brendon says " I like wearing the patches, especially on game day, because I love the feeling of the energy surge I get".




Nick Job - European Golf Professional

and user of the LifeWave Energy Enhancer


As a full time playing professional on the European Seniors Tour, I am continually working on my game both technically and mentally. This summer I was introduced to the LifeWave Energy patches. The results seem to be extraordinary – the first week that I wore them I finished second in the tournament and the following week I won the tournament! I felt totally in control of the situation and as well as feeling quietly energised (they do not give you a buzz!) I was able to think clearly and calmly and handle the pressures that tournament golf puts you under. When I have won in the past I have always found the post-tournament prize-giving and TV interviews somewhat nerve-wracking but this time I found myself handling it all far more easily.

The hectic schedule of the Seniors Tour would in the past have left me flat and exhausted and struggling to be competitive in the last few tournaments of the season. This year I am still raring to go and can only attribute my enhanced levels of energy to the patches.




LifeWave has received clearance from the NCAA to be used in collegiate sports. We are excited to announce that we have now received clearance from the Georgia High School Association, as well, for high schools in the State of Georgia. Georgia is the first state in the country to be approached and they immediately saw LifeWave’s potential to make a difference in our kid’s lives.






"The patches helped me make a difference for someone affected by HIV-AIDS."

In early June I cycled 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the California Aids Life Cycle to raise funds and help improve lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS. The ride turned out to be very enjoyable and a great success, and I attribute much of it to the use of the energy patches. I noticed a significant increase in my average miles per hour, in my strength (especially going up hills), and in my endurance. To top off the experience, even after riding an average of about 85 miles per day, I had plenty of energy left in the evenings to enjoy the rest of the day's events.

THANK YOU for helping me make this event a great success, and for helping me make a difference!
Aurelio (Leo) Ramos, San Diego, CA    




Danny Ripka Wins 6 Day 478 Mile RaceDannyRipka02

Play Danny Ripka's testimonial!

Website for reference: - A complete resource for multiday running and ...
6-day race winner Danny Ripka
. The Self-Transcendence 6-day race has been won by
Ripka from Florida, Dipali Cunningham won the ladies race. ... - 45k - 7 Jun 2005 - Cached -





LifeWave Goes To The North Pole

 Kazuko Ikeda and Rhonda Smith Sanchez show off their patches
at the North Pole! Great going - another LifeWave first.

Rhonda Smith Sanchez, 5x Overall World Champion Windsurfer, and Kazuko Ikeda, Olympic Alpine skier, both took themselves way out of their comfort zone this past month. With temperatures and wind-chill factors that drained their body's beyond any elite level performances previously experienced, they counted on the patches to give them the boost to fully experience what is feels like to literally be on top of the World.

The expedition was a month long trip complete with dog sledding and trekking all capped off with being welcomed into the very illusive club to summit the globe. "The patches are like our US postal service, rain sleet or snow, they always deliver !", said Sanchez on her return to her tropical home in Maui. Ikeda echoed Sanchez's sentiments saying, " as my mind hits the wall, I can always count on that extra energy tank that only the patches can produce."

Excellence is a habit that can be learned in pursuing the details of squeezing every ounce performance from ones body and LifeWave enhances our capacity on a quantifiable level, bottom line, they work on every athlete we have tested them on.


LifeWave Energy Patches: An Asset To A Retired But Active Major League Pitcher! larry_mccall02

I wish the LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches were around when I pitched for the New York Yankees. Can you imagine what my record would have been? My professional baseball pitching career ended because of lower back problems. I'm presently a Pitching Coach for the Baltimore Orioles and have to condition myself to maintain this position.

My son, who's a personal trainer, sent me some LifeWave Energy Patches which I began to use when I run 4 days a week and cycle on the other days. What I noticed is that I have more endurance, my time increases, and more stamina while running, cycling, and even when I pitch.

I had rotator cuff surgery 6 years ago, and since using the LifeWave Energy Patches, I can throw more pitches without as much soreness the next day. LifeWave is a safer, natural performance, enhancing approach to improving athletic ability without using other drugs and stimulants. I believe LifeWave would be a contribution to baseball.

Larry McCall, a former pitcher for the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers is now a Pitching Coach in the Baltimore Orioles Organization.

Editor's Note: Larry pitched in the major's for Texas and the New York Yankees.
He played in the minors with New York, Baltimore, Cleveland, Toronto, and Texas.



 Professional Kiteboarder,
Laurel Eastman



This year 2005 World Cup Kiteboarding Championship will be as exciting as ever, with the speed, jumps, turns and aerial acrobatics that you would expect to see from this amazing extreme sport.

What is Kiteboarding you ask? Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is a relatively new form of surfing that combines wakeboarding with parasail style gigantic kites. If you have been to a southern beach in the last year or so, you have probably noticed the bright, colorful kites flying over the ocean surface with a person attached to the 20 something meter kite lines. Kiteboarding evolved through man’s primal need to do something completely outrageous and use the earth’s natural energy to power him/her, or should we say empower him/her.

Team Leaders Kevin Seaman and Donna Feeley are bringing the LifeWave Patches to The 2005 World Cup Kiteboarding Championship in Cabarete, Dominican Republic June 20-26, and they will be supplying the athletes with a different kind of POWER. LifeWave Power!

The two independent distributors are representing LifeWave as exclusive sponsors for the international event. “I think LifeWave is an absolutely outstanding technology and we are very excited to introduce the Energy Patch at the 2005 World Cup”, Seaman commented. Through his critically acclaimed Winning Mind Set Strategies, Seaman has helped thousands of athletes find the mental edge to unlock the power of their mind in competition and personal performance with The Winning Mind Set, which he teaches as a credit course at Cornell University.

Now, he is integrating the extraordinary qualities of the LifeWave Patch to unlock athletic performance potential at a new level. Click here for more information on the 2005 World Cup

Energy Boost for Mom!

I did cartwheels with my 6 year old Rachel after putting on the patches. We were so happy and proud because this is the first time I have had energy to do that since having children 10 years ago. What a blessing!

Kim Caldwell , Wellness Consultant, Tennessee

Kim Caldwell with her 2 daughters


Brain Manna

... "ease of use & effectiveness"

Within the first two weeks of using the LifeWave Patches, I noticed a significantly positive increase in my cardiovascular abilities. The ease of use and effectiveness are the two characteristics that have created my confidence in this product. As a test of my own, I tried the patches on a few of my Black Belts. After an hour and a half of strenuous workout, each student did his/her maximum amount of pushups, applied the patches and waited three minutes, then continued pushups and 4/5 students were able to complete more than 10% more pushups.
Another test consisted of one of my Instructor's wearing the patches during an Aerobic Kickboxing class. After this 800 calorie workout, the Instructor felt as though he could teach another Aerobic Kickboxing class.

My own experience consisted of my workout during a Black Belt Class. During an hour of sparring I was able to maintain my physical exertion at the same level as I began the class with.
Looking over at the other Instructors and students in the class, I noticed that everyone was winded and their energy level was decreasing. I felt that the patches aided me in my cardiovascular output and in my body's recovery time between opponents.

This result was very impressive to me and reflecting upon my experience and my students' experiences with the product; I feel confident about the effects and look forward to sharing this with others in the future.

Brian D. Manna, International Master Instructor, Hall of Fame inductee,
FBI San Diego Citizen Academy Graduate 2005



May 16, 2005

jodipumpSmall02American Female Weightlifter Wins
National Championship

On Saturday, May 7, 2005, Jodi Wilhite from Florence, Texas became the first American female Weightlifter to win a National Championship using the LifeWave patches. The USA Weightlifting National Championships were held in Cleveland, Ohio. Jodi competed in the 53kg (116lbs) weight class. Jodi won with a 157.5kg (346lbs) total. She Snatched
70kg (155lbs) and Cleaned & Jerked 87.5kg (192lbs).

Jodi had been using the LifeWave patches for over a month before the competition.

Stephen Miller,
USA Senior International Weightlifting Coach
USA STARS Head Strength & Conditioning



May 15, 2005

By Stephen Miller

On Saturday, May 7, 2005, Chad Vaughn  of Konowa, OK became the first American Weightlifter to win a National Championship using the LifeWave patches.vaughn_chas02

The USA Weightlifting National Championships were held in Cleveland, Ohio. Chad competed against 13 top ranked lifters in the 85kg(187lbs) weight class. Chad won with a 335kg (737lbs) total. He Snatched 150kg (330 lbs) and Cleaned & Jerked 185kg (407 lbs).

Chad had been using the LifeWave patches for about 5 weeks before the competition.

Stephen Miller, USA Senior International Weightlifting Coach, USA STARS Head Strength & Conditioning Coach




May 10, 2005

             Courtney Zablocki Patches Up for 2006 Olympics!

My name is Courtney Zablocki and I'm a member of the US National Luge Team and 2002 Olympic Team Member. My chiropractor introduced me to the patches a few weeks ago and although I was skeptical, I gave the patches a shot. 

To give you a brief history about my luge career, I've been competing for 13 years and have had several injuries including a bulged disk that hasn't stopped bugging me for four years. When I wore the patches I didn't really feel a difference but, it was the 4th day when I wasn't wearing the patches that I noticed a huge difference. I couldn't believe the change I felt in my body with my improved energy. I was so surprised that I thought it was just a coincidence that I had felt so great. So, I tried the patches for another three days and I was able to tell that the patches gave me more of a boost!

I can do back extensions and yoga moves wearing the patches that I have never been able to do before now!
I will continue to use the patches and I know they will help me make the next Olympic Team in 2006. I am now a true believer and a distributor.

Courtney Zablocki


May 10, 2005

brianna_willis03Track Star Achieves New Personal Best

Brianna Willis is a freshman in high school, soccer player and newly introduced to track. She runs the 400 meter dash and the 4 by 400 relay. She competed in the league preliminaries with patches on her chest and finished 1st in her heat and 1st out of 23 girls total all heats. Making a new PR (personal record) I have attached an email sent by her running coach today.

"A BIG breakthrough for qualifying time going into finals...her hard work has now paid some dividends. Brianna has not dogged a workout all season. I was especially pleased with how she fought down the stretch and ran down the girl from Mission."

                         Coach Kelly



April 26, 2005


Cyle Sage Now World's Fastest Swimmer in Triathlon

"Yesterday I had the fastest swim of the day including all the pros at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was wearing LifeWave patches. They now say I am the fastest swimmer in the world in the triathlon . . . in the race I beat the World’s # 1 ranked triathlon swimmer." Cyle Sage,Dade City, Florida


Cyle is 39 years old and has been competing in ironman, marathon and triathlon events all his adult life.

At the St. Anthony's Triathlon there were 3,700 contestants including 100 top pros in the world, the 2004 Olympic Silver and Bronze triathlons, and Greg Bennett the #1 ranked triathlon athlete in the world.

Cyle swam representing "Team JointFlex - Timex" which came in first place overall of the 130 relay teams. He was in the "20th start wave" and had to swim in choppy water in and around about 1,200 others. cyle's time for his leg of the relay was 18 minutes, 33 seconds. This time was 33 seconds faster than the #1 swimming triathlon in the world from France.
ST. ANTHONY'S TRIATHLON, Sunday - April 24, 2005
St. Petersburg, Florida Swim 1.5K · Bike 40K · Run 10K
As the first major race on the U.S. calendar, St. Anthony’s Triathlon has kicked off the triathlon season in North America for the past 22 years. Over the years, St. Anthony's Triathlon has been named "Race of the Year" by USA Triathlon and has served as a qualifier for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Athletes from 42 states and 13 countries participated in 2004.


A Real Life Experience with Mark "Tiny" Meeker


"When Mark Harris told me about the LifeWave patches, I scheduled a meeting at the gym to see results for myself. I wanted to push the product to the limit, which I did. I did bench presses and worked up to 855lbs (the limit the bar would hold) and did tWO sets of singles while wearing my lifting shirt. I was surprised with the ease of these two lifts. I usually leave the gym after lifting this kind of weight but had so much energy I decided to stay and work out more. I then did a workout (without shirt) of 20 reps of 315lbs.which is a workout in itself. Still having energy, I did another workout of 5 sets of 5 reps using 100lb bands (board presses, no shirt) fist three sets 405 lbs on bar, next set 495 lbs on bar, next set 585 lbs on bar.

Still having energy I did: Squat Rack doing lock outs starting at 495 lbs, then 585 lbs, then 675 lbs, then 3 reps of 765 lbs. The next day I was barely sore. I couldn’t believe it!

Everyone is looking for the natural (legal) edge for competition and the LifeWave Patches outperform my wildest dreams! From my experience, I would HIGHLY recommend this product for Amateurs and Professional Athletes as well as anyone looking for an increase in energy and endurance!" Tiny Meeker




Barry Edwards applies the white patch. (White is right ... right?)

Tiny Meeker warming up with the Energy Enhancer. Tiny benched 855lbs 2 times

Bio on Mark & Amanda Harris


  • · Ph. D. Exercise Physiology ( Hamilton College)
  • · Strength Coach to numerous professional athletes in Boxing, Baseball (MLB), Wrestling (WCW, WWF), Football (NFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA) and Power Lifting (AAU, APA, USAPL).
  • · Former multiple National and World Champion in AAU Power Lifting. ( All titles were held Drug-Free) Mark and Amanda were the first to ever win National and World Championships together from the AAU. Mark and his son Beau Harris were also the first father and son to win AAU National Championships together.
  • · Specialized in Training pre-teen and teen-age athletes. Daughter Amanda Harris currently holds 12 World records in Power Lifting. She is a 4x National Champion and a 3x Junior Olympian Gold Medallist as well as a 2x World Champion. Amanda has competed in local, state, national and international events she started at age 9 and weighed 72 lbs and has never been beaten. In addition to her World records as a youth athlete she also holds the Women’s 97lb national squat record in the American Power Lifting Association at 205Lbs. She only weighed 85 lbs when this record was set and was 12 yrs old. Amanda has been invited to compete by invitation only to the USOC training facility in Colorado and is the youngest ever to become a member of the Ladies of Steel Power Team, a very elite group of female Power Lifters. Amanda has taken the last 7 months off from heavy lifting due to the fact that she has grown almost 8 inches in the last year. She needed time to grow and now is in the process of training for Nationals and of course the World Games in October. She has started her Training with the patches and if she stays injury free she is on track to Squat a mind blowing 400lbs by October. The patches have accelerated her training by 2 months. In just her second workout in 7 months Amanda has already squat 290lbs for three reps using the patches. She will go over 300lbs within the next two weeks.
  • · In addition to Amanda, Mark has trained six other youth athletes under the age of 18 and all of them have won National and or World Titles in Power Lifting.
  • · Mark, for his work with children in strength and conditioning has been awarded the Masters of Fitness Sciences Degree from the International Sports Sciences Association and the Outstanding Achievement award from the American Athletic Union. Mark was the first ever in the state of Texas to attain this award and one of only 35 to date in the United States..
  • · He is also an international judge in the AAU and APA federations for Power Lifting.
  • · Mark’s greatest reward is working with his daughter and helping her attain her dreams in Power lifting and in life!!!


April 6, 2005


NCAA athletes ride the LifeWave!   The California Aggie Online - USA

The LifeWave patch uses technology that passively interacts with the human body to use more muscle fiber during contraction, allowing the user to lift heavier......

Editor's Note: To avoid any confusion, the NCAA and USADA do not endorse or promote LifeWave. Below is a statement from the NCAA. "The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)® has neither licensed nor endorsed LifeWave™ to sell its goods and services. LifeWave™ is not a nutritional supplement and is not ingested or taken internally and therefore cannot be a nutritional supplement."


April 5, 2005

Congratulations North Carolina! 2005 NCAA National Champions


Sean May

Most Outstanding Player

Sean May had talked almost every day during this tournament about becoming the second member of his family to win the title, and Monday he delivered, becoming the Final Four's most outstanding player.

Sean May no longer needs to carry around that old videotape of his father's national championship game. Now he has one of his own.

The burly North Carolina center made all but one of his 11 shots and scored 26 points in a dominating performance, controlling the paint and leading the Tar Heels past Illinois 75-70 Monday night.

In the process, May forced one of his defenders to foul out and left another with four fouls. And May left with the Most Outstanding Player award.





Check the pictures carefully!










Hawaii Pro Wave World Cup

Team MPG's Josh Angulo won the PWA season opener, at the Jeep Hawaii Pro Wave World Cup, using the LifeWave Patches.

"There is pixie dust and then there are the patches, I felt great all day" said Angulo after his victory.




March 19, 2005

ESPN Magazine
Writes Article about LifeWave



February 20, 2005


LifeWave Goes to the NFL Combines - David Schmidt: Keynote Speaker

Lifewave will participate in the upcoming NFL Combines. Each February, professional scouts from the NFL select senior athletes to participate in the combines. The athletes are tested in a series of drills including timed runs, strength and conditioning and position drills, and are given thorough physical and mental examinations. The annual NFL Combines bring together the Coaches, Trainers and Owners for the draft of these college players.

 David Schmidt will be a key note speaker at the Strength & Fitness Association's Banquet (part of the NFL Combines event).


February 10, 2005

NCAA does not restrict the use of LifeWave Patches in Collegiate Sports....

NCAA asks LifeWave™ to Use the Following Statement:

"The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)® has neither licensed nor endorsed LifeWave™ to sell its goods and services. LifeWave™ is not a nutritional supplement and is not ingested or taken internally and therefore cannot be a nutritional supplement."


Michael Kouloukas

My daughter is in the Air Force. She needed to do a 100 sit ups and a 100 pushups to pass her physical test. She could only do 91 pushups. She called me to send her some more LifeWave patches. Wearing the patches she did 123 pushups, and passed the test. Thank you LifeWave.

Michael Kouloukas, Health and Strength Advisor, Indiana



Still Hanging Around At 83

I am an 83 year old, relatively healthy, active single woman. And I pay attention to complaints from my body.

My daughter brought me a one-week trial packet of LifeWave patches. During that week of going about my usual activities I became aware of subtle but
amazing changes in how my body was functioning:Asmann_Jane02

1. My daily stretching exercises made me feel more awake and lighter.

2. The most pull-ups I could do while hanging from my ankles on my Gravity Hanger increased from 10 to 15 the first day, to 20 the second day, and to 26
at the end of the week. This increased my pulse rate and broke a light sweat, but it also produced a feeling of more energy being available.

3. I could use the stairs to my third floor apartment without needing the hand rail even at the top.

4. Folding my arthritic spine in and out of my car was not accompanied by groans of stiffness.

5. Standing up from a firm chair required only one attempt, instead of leaning far forward and heaving upward.

6. I had much better balance when walking the few blocks to local services,
and my feet articulated much better.

7. My energy level does not diminish in the late afternoons, nor do I fall
asleep if I sit down intending to read.

8. How could I not order my first month's supply of patches by next-day

February 9, 2005

Here is the February 9th call with Doctor Karl Maret
and Stanford University's Coach Quick.   971-221-1167

January 10, 2005

LifeWave: Scores Big Win at the American Football Coaches Association Meeting

LifeWave was well represented by LifeWave Distributors at the back to back conferences for the Sports-Specific Training Conference and the American Football Coaches Association Meetings in Louisville, KY.

Using the power of the new Spectravision device, Warren Hanchey and his team were able to show before and after results of using the LifeWave patches. Warren excitedly reported: "The conference attendees were blown away with the power of LifeWave".

Over 6000 college and high school Football and Strength Coaches attended these events.

Spectravision is a great partnership and hit. The high level of interest enabled many coaches
to be tested with the Spectravision, while enabling LifeWave to collect more data for research. Spectravision allows us to directly see how the individual will benefit from the LifeWave patches


January 5, 2005

NCAA Tries To Understand LifeWave Patches!

LifeWave, a new form of energy/stamina product, is causing the NCAA issues with their colleges and how to classify a new technology.

  1. More and more universities (colleges under the auspices of the NCAA) are using the LifeWave patches as a Training Aid.
  2. Coaches are learning that LifeWave is an effective training aid as nothing enters the body and has no banned substances. It helps athletes train both on and off the fields.
  3. Is it a stimulant or nutritional product? No! A nutritional product is ingested into the body. With LifeWave, nothing enters the body except information (human software). Many college athletes using LifeWave have been tested with no issues. This includes urine and blood analysis. As nothing enters the body, there is nothing to measure except natural improvements in energy and stamina.
  4. The patches have been used both in training and competition by Olympic athletes. The US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has tested the product extensively. Click here to view the report.
  5. The issue for the NCAA is how to classify this new product.


November 30, 2004
Study confirms (again) that patches are non trans-dermal


November 1, 2004
Esquire Magazine publishes article on the Lifewave Energy Enhancer Patches, in the November, 2004 edition. EsquireTrimed03

October 31, 2004

53rd Annual World Wrist Wrestling Championship

Boomtown Casino and Hotel, Reno, NV Oct 30 - 31, 2004

"All these Arm Wrestlers were wearing the patches and they noticed incredible endurance and a difference in their strength. The biggest thing they noticed is they had little or no pain in their arms after the tournament with recovery time being very fast. This is very important in arm wrestling. After seeing such impressive results, the arm wrestling world is buzzing about the patches and many people are inquiring about how they can become distributors." Contributed by: Bob Luthra

Men's Pro Left Handed 0-154:
Vern Martel - First Place
Devin Bair - Second Place

Men's Pro Left Handed 155-176:
John Parton - First Place
Right handed:
John Parton - Third Place

Men's Pro Right Handed 243 and over:
Eric Woelfel - Second Place
Left handed:
Eric Woelfel - Second Place

Senior Master's age 60 and above 0-198:
Joe Churrucca - First Place

Grand Master's Right Handed 166-198:
John Burgeson - First Place

Master's 40+: Gary Alves
Right Handed - Second Place
Left handed - Second Place

Amateur Class Right Handed 0-154:
Boomer Reagan - First Place

Amateur Class 243+:
Ed Shelton - Third Place

October 30, 2004
In a tremendous showing of force at the Mandalay Bay Hotel this past weekend in Las Vegas, Ronnie Coleman won his 7th consecutive Mr. Olympia title, passing Arnold Schwarzenegger in consecutive titles won. Ronnie’s stats at the contest were 5'11'', 296 lbs. at under 5% body fat! The LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches have played an important part in Ronnie's over all training strategy. On hand to congratulate Ronnie were Governor Schwarzenegger, Sylvestor Stallone, Pro Wrestler Triple H and a host of IFBB Hall of Famers.

October 19, 2004
U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Letter On LifeWave Patches ...
More Information

September 1, 2004
Lifewave publicly announces the availability of Distributorships coming September 27, 2004.

August 28, 2004
The PGA’s and LPGA’s total count for players using the Energy and Stamina Patches reaches 100 !!

August 16, 2004
ARTICLE FROM THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, AUGUST 16, 2004 - A U.S. Anti-Doping Agency investigation of patches worn by six Stanford swimmers at the Olympic trials last month showed no signs the athletes used banned substances, according to the American and international governing bodies for the sport. The inquiry arose after an accusation that the patches worn by swimmers working under Stanford coach Richard Quick were laced with testosterone, according to the man whose company makes the product. David Schmidt previously told The Chronicle that his LifeWave Energy Enhancer contained only amino acids and water-based solutions, and he called the charge "ridiculous." Nevertheless, USA Swimming collected samples of the patch from Quick and sent them to USADA. On Friday, USADA sent letters to USA Swimming and FINA, the sport's world governing organization, stating it had found no wrongdoing.

August 8, 2004
The Energy Enhancer Patch makes “Front Page” news in
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

August 1, 2004
Preliminary reports today from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) investigating Stanford University’s Olympic Swim Team using David Schmidt’s patches, showed no illegal substances in the patches.
USADA drug tested the Stanford swimmers and they tested negative (they were NOT using banned substances. USADA forwarded the patches to the WADA accredited laboratory at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). UCLA determined that none of the patches contained any banned substances.

(San Francisco Chronicle article.) Stanford University unexpectedly won the PAC 10 Championship. Five swimmers set a personal record and one set a world record in events leading up to the meet.

July 31, 2004
Read an article, just published on 7/31/04 in the San Francisco Journal on Stanford University’s Olympic Swimmers Using The Energy Enhancer Patch.....

Stanford University, Stanford, California Women’s Swim Team including 2 Olympians
Eight swimmers have been training with LifeWave patches. In the first 14 days of training, seven of the swimmers set a lifetime best time and one broke a world record. Two of the swimmers are competing in this year’s Olympics.

July 26, 2004

Lifewave Announces Energy Patches? Nano-Technology? World Records Being Broken!

The technology is the new approach to performance. Our Patent Pending method allows organic materials to interact with the human body to improve energy, performance and stamina but without ingesting anything.

(PRWEB) July 26, 2004 -- Nothing Enters the body (non-transdermal patch)
Uses new organic nanotechnology structures Resonant Energy Transfer occurs between user and the patches Patches Frequency Modulate (FM) Human magnetic field The patch "transmits" the instructions "make energy". It is believed that the LifeWave patches communicate with the body like a cell phone.

The lay public and even professionals often misunderstand, ignore and even ridicule radically different technologies and new commercial products, when they appear to deviate too much from conventional established approaches. In order for the marketplace to accept and embrace a radically different new commercial product the public must understand a product’s unique benefits and how it differs from other products on the market.

The unique nature of LifeWave patches

Lifeweave patches are unlike any other patch technology currently sold. While other patches placed on the skin deliver substances into the body, LifeWave patches are not trans-dermal patches. Instead this technology is entirely new and unique. LifeWave patches do not put any substances into the body. Instead the safe natural biological substances contained within the patches are used to create specific biosignals that modulate the body’s natural magnetic field in order to enhance certain specific biological reactions that are already naturally taking place.
Stimulation of the body with electric or magnetic fields is a well-accepted practice in medicine. Most people are aware that electric or magnetic energy at different frequencies can be generated and applied to the body with electronic devices that are external to the body. The application of electric or magnetic energy to activate excitable tissues/cells and subcellular components is called electric stimulation or magnetic stimulation, respectively.

The patch technology also uses bioelectric stimulation, however the stimulation is due to the production of specific electrical frequencies by the body’s natural magnetic field from materials present in the patches. Instead of putting a substance into the body the patch technology couples the frequency signature of the substance into the body. What David Schmidt, the inventor of LifeWave patches, has essentially done is to use the electronic and magnetic features of the body like a cellular radio to transmit very weak bioelectric signals from his patches into the body to enhance the production of energy. His technological discovery applies research from many fields of science to promote the burning of fat as an energy source to produce greater stamina.

Patches are able to influence chemical reactions in the body, such as converting fats into energy without placing chemicals into the body. Instead of putting chemicals into the body these patches have been designed to deliver specific bioelectrical signals into the body. This is done by placing natural organic substances in the patches that exactly match some of the molecules involved in the regulation of energy production in the body. When the patches interact with the body’s magnetic field the natural substances in the patches, in a sense, act as a transmitter of a specific set of electrical frequencies.
Patch technology was invented with the recognition that the body is composed of molecules and that each chemical reaction in the body uses very specific combinations of molecules and that these molecules will respond to specific frequency signals or codes. The frequencies produced by the interaction of the patches with the magnetic field of the body are in a sense a code that turns on the body’s production of energy. Visit The authorized distributor of these patches.

July 22, 2004
Today Microsoft was granted patent 6,754,472 for "Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body." Click here to view the announcement.

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