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Cloud Ship near Peachland, B.C.

Cloud Ship.JPG

Myk's slow sign.JPG

Anarchist House.JPG

Slower- lol

Famous Dead Tree Coleman,Alta.

Chem Trail - Jet Stream1- in the Crows Nest Pass, Alta.

Water Tower.JPG

DINO 1.jpg

DINO 2.jpg

view fromMyks Room in Coleman.JPG


Wish excited about finding some Buffalo Sage in Turner Valley - - day after Alberta gig.

Yah - Summer - 2004

Hey man, wanna get smudged?

Wish pointing out the fine art of harvesting the sage.

Ahhh; this is the stuff.

Put The Wind To Work-March2004-PincherCreek.JPG


The HooDoos in Wayne, Alta.

Grand Forks Sunset 02

Aug. Forest fire Sunset1, Salmo,B.C.

Aug-2003 Forest fire Sunset2, Salmo,B.C.

Aug, 2003 - Forest fire Sunset3, Salmo,B.C.

Osoyoos 05

After the deer run in.JPG

Grand Forks Sunset.JPG

Osoyoos 04

Osoyoos 03.JPG

Osoyoos 02.JPG

Osoyoos 01

Cekaitah (aka: Wish) On The Road outside of Peachland, B.C.

Our Name In Lights

card board teepees near Pincher Creek, Alta.-march-2004

Osoyoos 06

Mountain LakeGalenaBay-on the way back Grindrod.

the famous dead tree-Coleman 2 2004

Yippie yie ay (whatever the hell that means) PincherCreek.JPG

Cardboard cowboy PincherCreek-march-2004

more cardboard stuff Pinchercreek

the famous deadtree-Coleman.

the famous deadtree-3-Coleman, Alta.

the famous dead tree-4-Coleman

Highway tree 4


tallestTeepe-with Chemtrail streaking across the sky

Tallest Teepee-MedicineHat-Alberta

MedicineWheel From teepee.

MedicineWheel From teepee2.

MedicineWheel From teepee4.JPG

MedicineWheel From teepee5.JPG

Medicine Wheel From teepee6

Medicine Wheel From teepee7

Medicine Wheel From teepee9.JPG

Medicine Wheel From teepee10

Medicine Wheel From teepee8.

Medicine Wheel From teepee3.JPG


Take a look at the bigger version of this one-very unnatural smoke ring CHEMTRAIL3.

smoke ring CHEMTRAIL2.JPG

smoke ring CHEMTRAIL

Silverton, B.C.

Osoyos, Okanagan, B.C.



in WayneAlberta2.

the future band tour bus-lol

this is the other side

Rosedale, Alta. -
bike weekend

ride through town-Medicine Hat Alberta

hoodoos - Wayne, Alberta.

ridin' out toWayne bikeweekend.JPG

hoodoos.Wayne Alberta



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