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Colloidal Silver Screen

Pure and Clean~~Colloidal Silver

The Colloidal Silver Screen offers only PREMIUM HIGH POTENCY Colloidal Silver. Our unique process enables us to attain ppm levels several times higher than the conventional methods while retaining a clear solution signifying the smallest  possible particles. Every batch is tested to ensure levels of at least 100 ppm, (parts per million).

High potency Coloidial Silver Screen Silver has an extended shelf life of more than 1 year if stored at room temperture in a dark place storage. Below is information about how you can order maintenance and therapeutic quantities, as well, testimonial and research links.

Inner Peace, Power, Positive Energy and Excellent Health
Colloidal Silver Screen Producer: Cekaitah- Ekotakihee: C.M.T.P., C.S.

"Colloidal silver has been shown to kill all one-celled, disease-causing organisms tested — in six minutes or less. (over 650 species of bacteria, fungi and viruses have been tested, so far) [Exotic Research]."
Prior to the discovery of antibiotics in the 1940's, the mineral Silver was used for hundreds of medical conditions in the U.S. between 1900 to 1940 "including burns*infections*pneumonia*tuberculosis*pleurisy*wounds*leg ulcers*pustular eczema*gonorrhea*syphilis*impetigo and boils.  It has been used in acute meningitis and epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis*Mediterranean fever *erysipelas *cystitis *typhus *typhoid fever*tonsillitis* dacryocystitis, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and various forms of septicemia, including puerperal fever*peritonitis and post-abortion septicemia*Hepatitis C*HIV Aids*  [Kimberly Pryor]."

"... Silver is unique among antimicrobial agents in its broad spectrum of action.  It has killed some 650 different disease organisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungus/ yeasts including several Aspergillus varieties and 50 different clinical isolates of Candida albicans, viruses, protozoal parasites, 95% of 72 strains of herpes virus, and the malaria-causing Plasmodium berghei.  It is widely reported in the medical literature that silver, often at surprisingly low concentrations, routinely kills bacteria known to be antibiotic-resistant. [Kimberly Pryor]."
"Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. [Exotic Research]
This link offers excellent information and research/references about Colloidal Silver: [ ]


8 oz bottle-$ 29.00 6 pack-8 oz bottles-$ 150.00


When is a Glass of Water an Illegal Drug?

   When the FDA says so. The law revolves around a buy/sell transaction. The idea is that when you sell something you lose your constitutional right to freedom of speech. As one federal regulatory law specialist explained it, under the current legal climate in the United States, the existing laws can turn water into an unapproved drug and these laws will be upheld by every judge in the country. Imagine a man approaches you who's dying of thirst. You offer to sell him a glass of water for five cents with the statement, "Water is good for dehydration." At this point, the water becomes an unapproved drug because you have made a medical claim about it in the course of a buy/sell transaction. This is a violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which provides for severe criminal and civil penalties.

Colloidal Silver Screen is not  prescribing treatment for any person or condition.. See somebody collaborating with the goverment, such as a licensed health care professional before acting on information on this website.

Colloidal Silver Testimonials:

Below are testimonials from people who use colloidal silver. (For more information, testimonials or any questions, please email:



Submitted by THOMAS R.C.: “…I began using the 80 ppm cs on two different trouble spots that the RX Dr. gave me did nothing to heal. Well, both areas cleared up completely after only 24 hours. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised! when my Dr. saw the results, he said that he was amazed, but that he knew little about cs because they didn't teach him that in medical school. At any rate, this product is the most astounding thing I've ever seen or used. My cat drinks the 20ppm about every day in a diluted solution, and bothers the heck out of me if she doesn't get it when she wants it! Amazing! About my story of using the cs, I had a mole removed from the back of my thigh, and it was deep and attached to the vein. The antibiotic the Dr. gave me did no good and my leg was red, angry and swollen. At the same time, I'd been out to our ranch and must have sat down on something out there that either gave me ringworm or something that looks like it on the other leg, and the story was the same. Antibiotics, full course of treatment and no response. I'm still treating that place. It looks so much better though since I started using the cs. As well, I have been told that I have ms, at least that's what the "Dr.'s" think, and started taking it 20ppm daily, and I can't swear to it yet, but I do have more stamina than I did before and I haven't changed any other medication or vitamin. So, it certainly is beneficial.”
Abscesses: “I had an employee who came to work determined to put in his hours despite a swollen jaw from an abscessed tooth. I said, "okay, but put some colloidal silver on it every few hours." He did and by noon, the swelling was gone and he did a full days work with no pain. Though I told him to go to the dentist to get it taken care of, it has been 2 months and he has done nothing for it, but he takes colloidal silver daily now.” Bill

“Last year, my Abbycat had a terrible abcess in her mouth. (Probably related to a fungal allergy she gets each spring.) The vet tried pred, then antibiotics - with no results. She got to the point that her breath was atrocious and she could only eat canned food. One day I finally had the brilliant (DUH!) idea of giving her some CS in her milk each day. (I don't usually give milk to the cats, but I was desperate to get some calories in her.) Within just 3 days, her breath was all better and after a week, she would eat kibble cat food again. There has been no recurrance this year, but I'm giving her a bit of CS daily to get her past her danger period.” Jean H.

“I would like to second Dalia's suspicion that IBS is caused by some kind of organism. I have suffered from it for years. Pain, bloating, constipation, food intolerances to the point where almost everything made my colon act up and I was down to eating white bread and getting fat. Doctors don't know how to treat this condition. They offered me sedative drugs, and when I refused to take them, prescribed fiber therapy, which made the problem ten times worse. When I got a badly abscessed tooth, I decided to try CS. Not only did it help cure out my infection (which drained out through my sinuses), but it also almost totally eliminated my IBS. I am now on a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and I am healthier than I have been in years. I take CS daily, as a maintenance dose, and the only foods that upset my colon now, are things like onions, broccholi, chocolate, etc.” Tyger

Acne:  Matt N. writes:  "My face has really cleared up since applying colloidal silver water to it once a day. I always have acne with pimples and since using the colloidal silver water my facial complexion has really cleared up!!! When I apply it to my face, I pour a little in my hand and rub it on my face, when I do this it gets on a wart that has been on one finger for quite a while, and the wart is really getting smaller!"  

Submitted by Chris G.: “We have had a lot of good results from the use of Colloidal Silver.  We have a family of 6 and find many uses.  Spraying it on acne has yielded great results in our teenagers.  We take it when we have a sore throat or flu feelings and the ailment runs it's course quickly.  We've used it on athlete's foot wtih success, as well as burns and sunburns. A young friend of ours was always sick and taking antibiotics, she takes an ounce of silver everyday, and has not been sick in 4 months.” 

“My 17 year old son has suffered with acne for 2 years.  He has been on many costly prescription drugs for lengthy intervals.  Nothing has helped.  The dermatologists suggested he go on accutane as a last result.  After reading the terrible side effects from accutane my son and I agreed it was not worth the risk.I had heard very little about colloidal silver but somehow stumble upon your website.  I read your info and figured it was worth a try since nothing else had worked and the side effects and cost were nil compared to accutane. I am happy to report that after 1 month on your product (1 TSP. orally and 2X topically a day) my sons skin is almost perfect.  He doesn't have any new breakouts and his skin is healing beautifully.  Not only that, but he escaped the flu that many of his friends have suffered from!”  Mrs. S.

“I had a coworker who was plagued by adult acne, had tried everything, and had made an appointment with a dermatologist to ask to go on acutane.  I told her about the side effects and told her to let me bring her a spray bottle of CS that I always keep on hand.  I asked her to give it a two week trial before she went to the the doctor.  I also told her how my daughter, who was in a state beauty pageant had broken out in a horrible case of acne all over her face just a week and a half before the pageant and used CS. Her skin was clear for the pageant and she came in first runner-up and got a nice scholarship. I told my co-worker to take two teaspoons twice a day orally and spray it on her face directly after washing her face.  Her Dr. appointment was scheduled for after the two week period, so she said she would try my method.  At the end of that time, her skin was clear and she cancelled the appointment!  She uses CS faithfully now and looks beautiful.”
Joan G. Salt Lake City

Allergies: This is Angie T. from Singapore. Tried the Silver that I order and its really wonderful, my allergies are all gone after about 2 weeks of constant usage. Even my husband who was really skeptical is now singing praises for the product, there are really many uses for it.” 

Mrs. A. Knight writes: “My husband heard of colloidal silver from a family member and was amazed by this wonder mineral and all it can do for us. We all take our daily dose including our daughters, ages 8 and 4. We have not had any colds or flues since taking the silver about 8 months ago and my husband has not had his allergies this season. My 8 year old had asthma and has not used her inhaler for months now! We feel great and want to share this discovery with all our loved ones.”

“My husband has lots of health problems 7 strokes 2 heart attacks open heart surgery has a history of allergies. He always coughed so hard in the mornings & now there is almost no coughing. The coughing has been from way back Heart problems have been the last 10 yrs. If the colloidal silver does nothing else, It is just wonderful for what it has done for my husband . I'm coping much better since taking it, too.”   Evelyn 

“We live in a grove of Live Oak trees and every spring, they do their pollen thing and I first get an allergic thing and then it goes to my sinuses and then to my bronchial tubes and I get sick for weeks and some times I have to go get antibiotics and sometimes even that doesn't work and green crud comes out for a long time and I cough all night . Well this year(1999), when I first felt a little something in my throat, I started putting colloidal silver down my throat, about a dropper or 2. and in an hour or so, it was gone. It felt that way in a couple hours again and I hit it again with the colloidal silver and it went away. That was a couple of weeks ago and now the pollen season is over and I can rest easy. Thank God for colloidal silver.” Bill

“I have suffered with three forms of arthritis for years. Plus I've had allergies, sinusitis and chronic respiratory infections and bronchitis all my life. ( After taking colloidal silver) The arthritis is improving and the other ailments have gone back to where they came from. Glory to God! It’s wonderful to not have side effects from the medications I had been taking for years.”  April W.

 “I want to tell you all of the wonderful healing I have had with CS … I have had the worst case of toe nail fungus for years. I cut my toenails as short as I could, and filed the top of the nails so the CS could soak in the nail. With a dropper I placed CS on my toenails and under the nail bed where the nail was pulled away from my toe, once in the morning, and once at night. My nails are not thick any more.  This change is enough to be excited about, but that's not all. I have had severe allergies for twenty years. I have had three nasal surgeries, a tonsillectomy, and throat surgery, not to mention allergy shots, steroid shots twice a year, and let's not forget all of the medication. Nothing has helped until now. CS and God has healed me of my severe allergies. I take it in the morning, and if my allergies start acting up, I spray some in my nose, and even in my eyes at night for allergy eyes. I really had my doubts about this working, but I am a believer, and I tell everyone I know. I use CS for everything. I am not afraid to use it for any problem that arises. My husband is a believer also. I have had panic disorder for a few years. I am not on any meds at this time, because I am much better.” Andrea


“I've written to you before about my success with your Colloidal Silver and my arthritis but have found so many other uses -that I just had to write and tell them.

1. Children --have 2 small kids and they always were coming down with the common colds and so forth.  Well I keep many bottles around and some in a spray bottle.  I mist their faces, squirt up their noses and make them drink it --they all refer to it as Mommy's Special Silver Water as they know that will make them better much quicker.
2. Put some in a gallon of milk.  Can't always remember to take it and get loved ones to remember --put in the milk.  It keeps the milk fresher longer and doses all at the same time.
3. Wounds ---We have cats --so there's bound to be a time where we get scratched --spray/mist and heals rapidly.
4. Cats --yes I give it to my cats --their water source, in their food, externally when they have wounds and spray their faces, eyes, nose areas to help combat URI's.
5. Cleaning --all around great disinfectant --spray on surfaces and clean up.  I make my cats food which is made up of raw meats ---we all know all raw meats can effect humans so I spray the utensils after I've cleaned them, with CS.
6. Dishwashing --We don't have a dishwasher -well not the automatic kind. After I handwash the dishes, I apply a nice mist of CS to them all.
7. Plants --make sure my plants get their doses of CS also --put some in the water when I water them.
Gosh ---is there anything I missed?  I'm sure there are more, but this will suffice.”  Kim G. 

I have been taking Colloidal Silver for almost a month and find  that it seems to have an age reversing quality! Age spots are fading, skin is firmer, memory clearer and a lot more energy! This is really incredible as I am 60 and 1/2 years old, feeling and looking (friends are  commenting) younger! This is happening for my 54 year friend, also! She is swimming a mile everyday, now (used to be a 1/2 mile!) Have you had any other responses similar to mine?”  -Susan

Submitted by J.T.S.: “A 70+ yr old friend was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. was on crutches, barely able to get around, almost bed ridden. He started taking colloidal silver and a few weeks later was almost totally recovered; threw away his crutches, was prancing around like a young colt, was even talking about his girl friend.”

From: steye B: “Hello, I first heard about colloidal silver almost two years ago from a home appraiser who was a bit of a survilist and mentioned many positive aspects that the silver has. i had asked friends who were on line at the time if they would try and find info for me and all i could tell they to look for at the time was silver or silvercide. they always came back with nothing. so i had found the product at a health store and bought a bottle, and even the store personell could not tell me anything. then just a couple of nites ago i tried the colloidal description and bingo there you were. thanks i am sharing this with a lot of my friends whom may be able to benefit from they use of this great product for arthritis and mant common ailments that we suffer from as human creatures.”


“I am a mother of 5 children....3 grown & 2 young still at home plus 1 grandchild. When a cold hits our home, it really makes the rounds but now that I make our Colloidal Silver & we have plenty to go around, a cold is very short-lived & we are much more comfortable while we have one. It opens up nasal passages & takes the pain out of sore throats immediately! Every time we get to feeling poorly, we take a dose. My folks saw the results & are using as well now. We probably wouldn't get colds at all if we could keep up a daily dose but that's kids for ya...they only want to take it when they're miserable! =-) We've also had great results with skin rashes & burns...takes the pain & itching right out & heals fast! And you know I got to putting a capful in our dogs water dish just  to keep the bacteria level down & the water stays clean & fresh & he loves it...I hope it keeps his system cleaned out as well. “  - Shirley G.

From: Dan L.: “II started taking cs 2 years ago. I have not a had a cold, flu or virus since I began taking cs. I only seem to need to take it once a week at this point. Thanks again.

From: Kevin B.: “I've been using CS for 2 years and have had wonderful results. I had severe allergies and was always coming down with a cold or flu. After using it for just one week my cold and flu problems were gone and it took about 2 months for my allergies to completely clearup. I've had no problems with illness or otherwise since and have saved a lot in gas and money when going to the doctor.

Submitted by Donna: “Well I finally got my results back. My CD4 count has increased to 383, but my Viral Load is still quite high at 180 000. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I still haven't given up smoking! Anyway, I have received a load of info from various sources and will be starting a really serious program from next week. I will still take the Colloidal Silver and H2O2, but I will be adding Echinacea, Golden Seal, N-Acetyl cysteine, a complete multi vitamin and anti-oxidant supplement, garlic tablets, green tea and a Probiotic. As far as quantities are concerned, I still have to work that out but in time I will let you have the complete details, if of course it helps. I will first be doing a detox program and giving up smoking. So anyway, at least the Colloidal Silver has helped to boost my T-count, and generally I am feeling fine. Cheers for now, Donna  

Submitted by Charles: “4 months ago, I started using colloidal silver orally. I started with a concentration of 3ppm and now use a concentration of 10ppm. I drink an ounce every morning. Fact is that my body feels great and I have not been sick at all. Before, I could not sleep shirtless with the window cracked open because my I would always wake up a little sick. Now, my nose is not even stuffy. I believe in the product and feel that it is one of the best all around "health" substances out there.”  

Submitted by Robert R. “I have been using silver for 5 months. I have not had a cold, flu or anything along those lines. It has cleared up my sinus problems, arthritis pain in my shoulders and I Feel Great.” Bob  

Robert B. writes: "Our family has been subject to opportunistic systemic infections which necessitate the use of antibiotics to fight them. 
Since using Colloidal Silver,  we rarely ever need to take antibiotics, as the Colloidal Silver keeps the germs/viruses at bay. “

Christopher Hall writes:  "My finance and I have recently become interested in herbs, vitamins and minerals to supplement our diet. About a month ago I awoke in the early morning hours with what experience has taught me to be the beginnings of the flu: aches, a fever, nausea, and diarrhea. I went down to the kitchen for the colloidal silver. I took one teaspoon every hour for the next 24 hours. Each hour feeling better than the last. By the end of the day all aches and pains, the fever, and the diarrhea were gone. Ok I said maybe it was only a 24 hour bug that would have ran it's course in that period anyway. “ 
 “Last week I caught a cold and immediately started the colloidal silver. Within three (3) days all traces of the cold were gone. “ 

  “I firmly believe in the healing powers of colloidal silver and will keep some on hand always. I have even turned other family members on to it's healing powers."  

Maria J. from Oregon writes: “For about 9 months I have had a cough with other cold symptoms. I had been to the doctor time after time for different antibiotics and medicines, none of which helped. After in two weeks all of the cold symptoms have cleared up completely."  



“Dear people at colloidal-silver, I find myself compelled to write to you to tell my story and to let other people know there is a cure. I would not usually bother to write to a web-site for any reason but something so important must be told. I am a 44yr old male, who has suffered terribly from colitis for over 3 years. I have been to many doctors, specialists etc., all to no avail. I have been subject to very painful "Barium-Enemas" and the Dreaded "Colonoscopy" twice. My Family has put up with my "Problem" as they are very loving people and they have watched and "Heard" me suffering many times. I could not work, or go anywhere with-out the fear of an accident.What has happened is nothing short of Amazing. I Live on Top of Blue Mountain, just outside of Toronto-Canada, by two hours. My son is a snowboarder, my wife and I enjoy nature and Hiking. I have been diagnosed with Severe Colitis, and have suffered awful pains and cramps for years. My entire life was affected by this disease that the doctors have told me there was no cure for and that I would be on Medication for life. I was so depressed all the time and I truly was trapped in my home. Only a person with Chrons or Colitis would know what I mean. We moved up here to Blue mountain when General Motors Closed their Scarbourgh Van Plant, and my wife shelley, lost her job at Sanwa Bank at "The BCE Tower" Downtown Toronto, when it downsized.With both our jobs gone, we decided to spend our savings and buy on Blue mountain, where I could suffer in peace. One evening only a month ago, I recieved a call from my sister who is a nurse at The V.G. Hospital in Nova-Scotia and she told me about something she had heard from a former patient who had suffered with Chrons/Colitis for a long time. She is not one to stray from work Ethics or conventional Medicine, and usually will argue on the drug Companys' side. This time is different and she says as much. She tells me "Bill, I have something I want you to look into," and I believe there must be some merit to it, or I would not ask you to do this. You know I don't agree with home remedies but a patient I know very well "actually a friend" insists I tell you what has made her better. She went on, to cover her tracks in case it didn't work and said, "you know how I feel about this type of self medication but you are my Brother and I know the suffering you are going  through. My Friend of 25 years has completly healed her self of this dreaded disease and insists I tell you about Colloidal-Silver. I read her info and researched on my own. I trust my sister and I Have nothing to lose, so I buy 1 bottle and start with 3 Tablespoons a day. The results were almost instant. The next day, I felt better with respect to trips to the can. The following day I began to experment with different foods, without consequence.Each day I felt better and better, and began cutting back on my meds. Now I was taking only half of what i was told. When ten days passed, I quit my meds and I cannot believe the amazing change in my life. IT is a miracle, I think not! What it is, is learning new information that has been suppressed by the Drug companies. IT is understanding that Silver is the most potent Antibiotic known to man, Naturally. The Kings in the old days, had caravans of Pure Silver Barrels full of water, hauled by Oxen, to treat many diseases. This Silver reaches places far inside our intestines, where conventional medication cannot. This is the type of Bacteria that causes our suffering. I can only say that if you are suffering from Chron's or Colitis, you owe it to your-self to try Colloidal-Silver And get your Life back. I can't believe it was so simple to cure myself, and I had suffered all those years." - Bill and Family






Jim R. writes: “We take a tablespoon of colloidal silver daily (family of six).  We have found it especially beneficial for external infections: infected bug bites, scrapes, cuts, etc.  We successfully treated 2 cases of pink-eye by dripping it into the eyes.  Applying the silver to the dressing works great.  Also, for the first time in 9 years, none of our kids got seriously sick during the winter.“ 

Hepatitis C: 


“Hello. I was diagonse w/ hep c 1 1/2 years ago. I 've been taking vitamins but just started colloidal silver 1 week ago. I think I can feel the difference. I couldn't get out of bed all last week. Now I have so much energy that I can't even lie down to take a nap. It's really kind of spooky. Before, I had to lay down everyday and nap. Now I can't even force myself to lay down. I feel absolutely great...” - Jeanette

“I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis c a couple of years back. I went for the "treatment" about 18 months back, that consisted of daily doses of Ribavirin and interferon. In all of my adult life, I have never been so sick from side effects of the medications. After three months on these harsh medications my quality of life was so poor that I decided to remove my self from the "treatment". I stopped all medications, waited six months and started CS one ounce in the am and one ounce in the pm..I have NEVER NEVER felt better in my whole live. I can now do 16 hour days if I want to and still not tired. I will be going in soon for a viral load test and will let you know the results.For the last 10 years I have had chronic foot problems with fungus. Since CS that too has totally vanished. Absolutely no one is paying me for this testimony. I just hope that others out there have the same positive results with CS that I have had. “ - JIM H. 

“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in July 2000. I immediately ruled out conventional treatments as a "cure being worse than the disease".  Herbal remedies followed, with some success. In March/April of 2001 I discovered Colloidal Silver.  In the first -4- days I felt as the C.S. had given me the flu.  Then, I started to feel better.  I continued to monitor my blood/hepatic function tests and noted some fluctuation with the enzyme levels. Continuing to feel better.  Sept. 2001 - Complete Hepatic Panel to include RIBA/Hepatitis Activity for both B and C strains, report: negative.! Needless to say, I am a staunch believer in Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver was the core element in health supplements that proved to be the significant turning point/catalyst in this dreaded disease. C.S. will remain a staple in my health program.” - Lee

“Last October 2001, my husband was diagnosed with Hep C and was referred to a liver transplant Dr. Before he went to that DR I went on the web to find all I could about Hep C. I ran across your colloidal Silver (by Divine intervention I believe) and gave the articles of testimonials to my husband who had heard of using silver for healing when he was very young. I ordered a bottle of CS and he started taking a tablespoon every morning. Within in a week he believed he felt better and was working about 12 hrs a day as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. He was still feeling good and had a lot of energy when it was time to see the Liver Specialist in January 2002 who ran several test to see the geno type, PCR and all the other medical terms that I can't recall. The results came back very positive with a geno type 2 (still don't know quite what that is). He was offered to be on a study of 1 injection weekly of Peg-Interferon with 1200 mg daily of ribavirin.  He started taking this regime because the doctor told him that they were having great success (80% cure rate) after some people were on this medicine for 6 months. After his liver biopsy the DR told him that if the Hep C wasn't cured he might not have a good chance of cure if he waited any longer. In April he started this horrible medicine (really bad). Because he was on this study, he got regular blood tests. Meanwhile he still took the CS every day. After only 1 shot and 4 days of taking the study medicine he had a regular liver function test... It was absolutely normal in every way. The DR was very surprised at this. He had already told us that if the medicine was going to work he wouldn't even know until the 12th week of taking it. It was really at this point that my husband knew that he was healed but from all angles he was  persuaded to continue to take the medicine. He only got sicker and sicker from the medicine, causing diarrhea, skin rash, muscle aches and anemia (which he was prescribed Procrit, but he refused to take it). He felt that if the liver was functioning within it's normal level then the medicine had nothing to kill except himself. And that's what he felt like everyday he took the medicine. On June 28, he had another full blood tests that included all the above same tests. He came home from work on July 3rd and said that he would not take another dose of the medicine because he barely made it home form the 30 minute drive. The Procrit had arrived via FedEx on that day but he was done with it all.(Except for the CS). On July 9th, the nurse from the DR office called to see how he was doing on the Procrit, I had to tell her that He refused to take anymore medicine. She said that the results from the blood tests showed NO Detectable Virus! Praise The LORD. My husband already knew this early on and I really think (hindsight) he was right about the medicine was killing him. He will have to still get regular checkups because he was on the study but we are leaving a copy of the testimonials from people like us who are X-Hep C positive. I, we are very thankful for your dedication to this product that has been referred to as the "Miracle Drug." [their words, not mine]”  - Danny and Connie W.


Submitted by Donna G.: “I had contracted genital herpes a few years before I heard about Colloidal Silver. I would break out at least every 3 months, and along with a very painful lesion, experience low-grade fever and flu-like symptoms. I heard about Colloidal Silver through a friend, who told me it cured her sister's herpes of the eye. With nothing to lose, I bought a bottle from her for $35.00. I do not know the concentration, as the label [did not say], but the next time I broke out with a lesion, I immediately started drinking 1 oz. every four hours. Within 24 hours, the sore was completely gone (usually it would take up to 3-4 weeks for a sore to go away). It seemed like a small miracle to me. I have not broken out since, and that was over 3 years ago. In fact, I consider myself cured of genital herpes. I don't understand why the medical profession does not know or let people know about the great benefits of Colloidal Silver. I am a firm believer. I keep Colloidal Silver Water around the house for anything that comes up, since I have four children.”

“i emailed you about 10 days ago right after i started on cs about how bad my right eye has been for 9 mos, i was told that i had herpes in the eye, i took all of the medication that they gave me and all it did was eat my eye away and make it burn and sting and water and pain very bad, i have been taking cs for about 10 days and i can't tell you how thankful i am that i found you. my eye is almost heeled, it feels almost normal, the blurryness is so much better, no more hurt of any kind, i deal blackjack here in sparks nv, and all the gals that i work just can't believe how my eye looks now, it  was so red all the time that i had to wear dark glasses while dealing, so no one would notice how bad my eye was now no more glasses, every one is wanting to try the cs. i will not stop using ever. thank you so much for this God given miracle. “ - pat m.

Respiratory Infection

“I was being treated for an upper respiratory infection and didn't seem to be getting any better. I had been back to the Doctor twice and had my medicine change both times. When I read about colloidal silvers and decided to give it a try. After taking just ONE dose of colloidal silver I felt a whole lot better. I took another dose before going to bed that night and when I woke up the next morning I literally jumped out of bed and found that I was feeling better than I had in a long time.”  - Penny U.

 “I was rather surprised when after only using the Collidal Silver for two weeks that my teeth didn't ache anymore. Since a young child I have had major problems with my gums and teeth. Peridontal pockets and bleeding gums were problems I had to deal with for literally years and years. I am ecstatic to say my teeth are no longer sensitive to cold or hot. They no longer bleed when I brush them. And my gums are strong and healthy! Infact, my dentist couldn't believe how great they looked. I had to go in for checkups and cleaning EVERY THREE MONTHS!

This last time, my dentist gave me a clean bill of health on my teeth and told me to come back in six months and to keep doing whatever I was doing....:):):):):):):):):):) which is, of course, taking one-half or one teaspoon of Collidal Silver daily.” - Carol L
Sinus Headache

“Colloidal silver - Wow, I can't believe it!! I had a terrible sinus head ache which I usually get this time of the year and it turns into a sinus infection. Well, I had this for 4 days and I inhaled colloidal silver this morning and with in 1/2 hour the terrible headache was gone and has not returned all day. My sinus has cleared and I can breath again! All I can say is colloidal silver is worth its weight in GOLD!! Not even anti biotics have worked this fast ever! I will never be with out Silver Solution in my home! Thanks Folks!” - Susan C.

Sinus Infection 
“I just had to write and tell you my good news. My husband of almost 12 years has 
ALWAYS had a
sinus infection! I know that sounds odd but as long as I
have known the man he has had sinus problems. He could never for any period of
time breathe out of his nose. A continual infection has been corrected thanks to
"the silver"!!! After a most serious bout with his sinuses, I convinced him to
start using your product. After about a week of antibiotics from the Dr. and two
to three sprays in his nose every day since he can breathe again!!!!!!!”
Lisa F. Whittier

“I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth! My husband has a terrible time with sinus drainage especially first thing in the morning. When I found your advert I told him we needed to try it. To make a long story short, by the end of the first bottle of CS he rarely has any pflegm coughing in the morning! Praise God and CS, mornings are pleasant again! We also found it works topically on jock itch and spider bites. Cleared both up, easily and quicker than ever before.”  The Hawkins

Our son (now 6) had had chronic sinus infections (at least every 6 weeks) so when he was 3 years old, we gave in and had the sinus surgery done. Well...the infections continued to crop up on a regular basis. About 18  months ago, we discovered colloidal silver!! We have been spraying it up his nose every day or 2 and this child has been free from sinus infections. He is used to the routine and knows that it is the "silver" that keeps him free from that horrible pain. It also cleared up the many clusters of warts on his fingers as a bonus. We thank the Lord for the wonderful, natural alternatives He has provided!”  - Catherine

Submitted by chelli: “It helped with the winter colds and sinus infections!!!!!”   

Submitted by Guy S.: “I have found Colloidal Silver to be the absolute best treatment for Sinus Infections. Living in the South as we do, we are constantly exposed to many allergens. This has a tendency to cause frequent sinus infections. We used to have a doctor prescribe antibiotics, until I had a severe reaction to one prescription. Now we only use Colloidal Silver, 400 PPM, one half teaspoon once a day in 8 ounces of distilled water. Usually the infection is gone within three days. With the antibiotics it took at least 7 days, and sometimes longer.” 

Soar Throat

Submitted by Erin Mc.: “One morning I awoke with a sore throat, and my nose was a little stuffy. Fortunately I had some Colloidal Silver handy and so I drank some. I continued to drink some throughout the day, whenever I thought about it. I did that for about 3 days. The sore throat was gone in one or two days, and all symptoms were reduced at the end of those three days, so I stopped taking so much, and just drank some in the morning. Now I am suffering from allergies, for the first time in my life, but I have been drinking Colloidal Silver every morning still, and that has actually helped some. My nose is not as runny as it could be. So, thank you for Colloidal Silver. I shall continue to use it in hopefully good health. :)” 

Submitted by Frank S.: “I caught a very bad cold about 6 weeks ago and I had  Silver Colloidal  I drank it and within 15 min. I felt as good as ever, no more aches, runny nose I couldn't belive it.” 

On May 19th my Great Nephew come over to swim at our house and got a very bad sun burn.  It was so bad he had water blisters, I used SILVER COLLIDAL and took an I dropper to put it on him, with in 5 min. he said it dosen't hurt anymore.  The next morning I was up at 5 a.m. and he got up shortley after, He came and sat down by me and said "Uncle Frank you are a genius," I pat him on the head and said "It worked didn't it?"

Surgery Recovery:

Dan A. writes: “My wife's surgery went great.   I have her on colloidal silver.   She went back after 4 days and the doctor said she was doing extremely well --- no infection and very little swelling.  I think it has helped her. “  

Gregory A. from Minnesota writes:  "Colloidal Silver Water has made a very positive effect on my bowels as I did have diverticulitus surgery and approximately 11" of my colon has been removed. Also I had severe muscle pain across my arms, shoulders and back while lying down; which caused severe sleeping problems. Within a week of taking the colloidal silver water, I no longer have this problem and can get a comfortable nights rest."

Throat Infections:

Submitted by geeoh3@: “5 PPM in deionized water One teaspoon daily Have problems with residual tonsil tissue. Clears up within one to two days.“ 

Submitted by Lynn J.: “I had suffered with a severe strep throat and cold last spring for more than two weeks. My sister, Mother and I went on a trip to Calgary. On the trip which lasted 2 days, she got me to take colloidal silver. The problems were gone almost immediately. I was amazed.”  

Submitted by Scott P.: “I was suffering with the worst infection in my throat I have ever had. I was taking olive leaf extract and it helped, but the infection kept getting worse. I went to our local health food store and bought a bottle of 0.5 fluid ounce colloidal silver with a strength of 100ppm. I used 12 drops directly into my mouth and within 20 to 30 minutes I felt the difference. I was amazed how fast it attacked the infection and destroyed it. I am well now and I will continue to take the colloidal silver, it really does work!”  

Will T. writes: "Had a throat problem for 6 mo doc could not do any thing.  I started taking Collodial Silver in 2 wks I was well."

 Ulcerative Colitis:

From: Denise: “I have ulcerative colitis and the only time it was in remission was the three years that I took colloidal silver. 2 teaspoons a day at 5 ppm. I would go to the local health food store every couple of weeks to buy it and then one day the lady that works there told me "You know, you really shouldn't take colloidal silver all the time". That scared me (I now know that it isn't true) and I stopped taking it. The ulcerative colitis came back with a vengeance. My doctor has me on prednisone, 6MP and asacol, none of which are working. I am going to start taking colloidal silver again and I know it will help me, just like last time!”

From: Leigh: “Hello and thanks for your informative website. I would like to let you know of my experience with colloidal silver and how it seems to have cleared up my condition (or at least the symptoms) of ulcerative colitis. Since taking the colloidal silver, I no longer pass blood in my stools, which was a chronic symptom of the ulcerative colitis. My specialist had eventually diagnosed the ulcerative colitis, but had previously thought it might just be a parasite. Have you come across any similar reports from anyone with a similar condition? Or perhaps I don't have ulcerative colitis afterall and the colloidal silver IS actually destroying the parasite in my bowel/colon, hence stopping the bleeding. I would be most interested to get your feedback on this when you have some time.”
Tooth Ache

“I had a tooth ache, and since nothing worked short of pulling out all my teeth, I decided to use the colloidal silver on my bad tooth. Not only did it stop the pain but it also took away the infection that was caused from the bad tooth. My dentist would have given me a perscription to take away the infection but since I used colloidal silver, I didn't need any thing else.” - Michael W.

“I had been having some discomfort in a tooth/gum area for about a month. Went to the dentist, was told I had an inflammed 'periodontal pocket'. My Dentist recommended an antibiotic injection into the pocket, but he was only 50% sure that it would help. It would not be covered by my insurance and it would cost $138. I decided not to have it, to wait and see if it got better or worse on its own. When I got home I was reading about the colloidal silver, and it's bacteria killing effectiveness, so I thought I would try it on my tooth/gum area. Not having a syringe, I took a drink stirrer, the kind with a hole like a little straw. I put it in the bottle, put my finger over one end and layed down and let it drip out around my tooth. In just a couple of hours it was better! It hasn't hurt once since! Now when I take it I just swish it around my mouth before I swallow it. I was quite impressed and am spreading the word to all who will listen!” - Joan H.
Urinary Infections:

From: Robert G.: “I have to admit that I'm a little skeptical when I read stories about how something "natural" can have much of an impact on a serious condition but when you're the recipient, that's a different story. Over nine months ago I went to the doctor complaining about a burning sensation when having to urinate. He gave me some antibiotics which didn't really help much. The problem continued to get worse. I went to see a urologist. He was puzzled and suggested antibiotics. I said "no, thanks." Nine months went by and the pain was unbearable. A neighbor across the street was telling me something called colloidal silver so I'd be ready for Y2K. To make a long story short (shorter) I went to the health food store, bought some colloidal silver, and in 24 hours, no more pain. (Not to mention I haven't felt this good in quite some time) This stuff is awesome. I've been telling everyone I meet about it. Now I believe every testimony I read about this stuff.”

Submitted by Ali S.: “My son has various small patches of psoriasis on his extremities.  We have been using colloidal silver topically quite regularly once a day & internally with a little less frequency for two weeks & have noticed the patches have gotten smaller & paler.  It is easy to take so encourages its use.”  

Submitted by ALONZAJ:

1. I have arrested my itchy scalp condition which had even spread to my eyebrows - also it has arrested my psoriasis (mild condition) . whether or not cured remains to be seen. 
2. it has arrested and put into remission a couple of warts.
3. it has arrested and is in process of healing my grandson's athletes foot. 
4. it has cured, overnite, my wifes cracked lips (corners of mouth). 
5. it has cured a couple of stubborn spots on my 69 year old brothers arms. 
6. it has cured SKIN CANCER on my sons father in law. He has (or had) to have it burned off every month or so and he was able to cancel his last appointment for this due to this colloidal silver. 
7. it has  arrested and put into remission several warty like conditions of raised skin lesions which were itchy . These were not warts but thats about the best condition I can explain. 
8. My sons mother in law is using it to treat her arthritis. She believes it may be helping as it did get better after starting but she can't be sure thats what caused it to get better.  In other words - THIS IS GREAT STUFF