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Lifewave introduced the first and only non-transdermal LifeWave Energy Enhancer patch technology, the first ever non-drug alternative for sleep, and the first nanotechnology patch for pain. LifeWave now announces their latest breakthrough The LifeWave NanoTechnology Skin Care System.

Unlike most skin care systems that focus only on covering up the signs of aging by applying non-effective creams, the LifeWave Skin Care System is completely revolutionary and different from anything else that you have ever seen before.
1) The LifeWave Non-Transdermal Skin Care patch – This non-transdermal patch system elevates Glutathione levels, (the master antioxidant), and massively detoxifies the liver as well as protect the skin from future damage. This is now a new way of getting antioxidant into your body to improve your health and appearance without having to swallow pills or drinks.

2) LifeWave C-Serum – Scientists with 35 years of experience in skin care have designed an antioxidant/hydration system not available anywhere else. This Vitamin C serum is completely stable and helps to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV light. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid is utilized to hydrate the skin.

3) LifeWave Facial Moisturizer - This incredible product both helps to hydrate the skin and deliver the polypeptides that are needed for the skin to experience an increase in collagen synthesis. The result is a very rapid reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product helps to both protect the skin from future damage and provide you with a more radiant and pleasing appearance. Within days your skin will look refreshed, renewed and revived!


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