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Turquoise Village opened in Zuni, New Mexico in 1978. They are licensed and bonded Indian jewelry & arts & crafts traders in both the Zuni and Hopi Pueblos and our store is located in the center of the Zuni Pueblo. They supply the raw materials, such as turquoise, coral, lapis, shell, silver, and various carving materials to the Native American artists for their use in making Indian jewelry and fetishes.

Today is the first day of a new feature on entitled "Remembering The Great Chiefs". This column will present a series of articles about the Great Native American chiefs, their accomplishments and, alas, their sorrows. By this close-up look at the leaders who gave their all to try to save their peoples, I hope we will gain a better understanding of what happened and why, and how these courageous captains struggled against impossible odds.

Native American Sports Heroes

Native American Sports Heroes
By Arnie Katz

Jim Thorpe: He Set the Standard

What Joe DiMaggio means to Italian Americans and Muhammad Ali represents for African Americans, Jim Thorpe is for Native Americans. He is, quite simply, one of the world's enduring sports heroes and the embodiment of his people's unquenchable fighting spirit.

James Francis Thorpe was born in a small one-room cabin in the Indian Territory. There's some confusion about the exact date of his birth, though May 28, 1887 is now generally accepted, because it is the one adopted by the Thorpe Estate.

The year 1912 proved a fateful one for Jim Thorpe. Never before had anyone soared so high and flown so far in athletics as the young man with the blood of the Sac and Fox tribes coursing through his veins. That was the year Thorpe came out of obscurity to stake his claim to sports immortality.


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